The First Time You Leave Your Kids

We all have so many “first times” when we become parents: cuddling your baby for the first time, breastfeeding for the first time, your first sleepless night, your baby’s first smile…. Then, you just get used to it, and the things that you do for the first time, become your new way of life, your routine.

Since I am a mum almost everything I do is about and for my girls. For 3 years, I have never left them for more than a few hours. This is like this, I have never questioned this or tried to do in a different way. So I have never thought about “my first time” without them…

Going away for a weekend, without my girls, without my husband was quite a big challenge for me. But I decided to do this as I desperately needed some rest and I was craving for some good night sleep (my 11 months old still wakes up and eats at night). I also thought it would be good for the girls to start being more autonomous while staying with their dad and grandma. I decided to go to Vienna and see a very close friend of mine whom I have not seen for 7 years.

So what does it feel like leaving your babies for the first time, and not seeing them for 2 days?

– I chose my flight for early morning so that I can leave while the girls were still sleeping. I preferred saying goodbye the day before. I knew I would cry if they cried. But I still cried, as soon as I closed the door behind me…

– My handbag felt so light with only my purse, passport and small belongings in it. No baby nappies or baby food!

– When I went to the tube station I started looking for a lift, but then I remembered, actually I didn’t have a pushchair with me, so I took stairs.

– In the airport, while drinking coffee in Eat. cafe, I caught myself observing all the couples with kids and smiling to them.

– The best part of my trip was actually the flight itself  I always find it very stressful to travel with kids, as it is difficult to predict how they will behave. And now, I just relaxed, dozing over my book.

– When in Vienna, I could not help thinking about my girls and would text my husband several times a day to find out if they were OK.

What about you? Have you already gone on holidays without your kids? How did you feel? Feel free to share your experience

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