Sometimes I think I will go crazy

Being a parent is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. My every day life with my girls is full of joy and fun. They give me so much energy and strength.

Being a parent is also the most difficult and challenging job I ever had. You rarely have a break and you don’t shut down your computer at 6pm and go home to rest or go out with your friends. It is a non-stop, 24/7 job.

The list of things I love about being a mum is Huge, and I also have the list of things that sometimes just drive me crazy. I guess it is also the part of being a mum

So there are moments in my life with my kids when sometimes I think I will go crazy:

  • when I put a plate in front of my toddler and she just pushes it away and she would not even give it a try.
  • when I have to repeat something 10 times before she does what I have asked her to do.
  • when it takes us at least 30 minutes to leave house, from the moment when we said: « Let’s go now. »
  • when she wakes up several times a night and says: »Mummy read! »
  • when in the evening my girls scream at the same time. Baby is hungry and my toddler wants to watch TV.
  • when I am late and she refuses my help to get dressed. She wants to do it herself.
  • when we are walking back home, I hurry her up as I need to get the dinner ready. She stops at every door step and the only thing I can do is count the number of houses left
  • when I put away her clothes, and in 5 minutes she puts everything out.
  • when I tidy up the toys, all baby stuff several times a day but the flat is still a mess
Do you sometimes feel the same? Feel free to comment and share your crazy moments!

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