Potty training tips and tricks

Potty training

There are so many articles, books and videos about potty training, that maybe you are asking yourself if my blog post will bring you anything new. Or maybe you have tried so many different things that you are still looking for some new tips? With this post I would like to share my personal experience with some practical tips and tricks. So I hope it would be useful for those parents who try to potty train their toddlers.

It took me about one month to potty train my daughter at the age of 2 years and 5 months. Unfortunately, 2 and 3 days potty training did not work for me (having said that, I know that it has worked for my friends’ kid, so I guess it depends on every child).

When looking back, here are the things I would highlight for successful potty training:

  1. Wait until your toddler is ready and don’t rush: I was so desperate to get rid of nappies that I first tried to potty train my daughter when she was about 18 months. It was just waste of time as it was too early. I knew she was ready, when she started saying that she did something, and when she would hide when she wanted to poop.
  2. Get prepared: Before you start, make sure you have enough pants, trousers, socks. We had lots of accidents, so I had to change my daughter several times a day.
  3. If possible do it in summer: It was easy to do it in summer as we were in our countryside house, where my daughter would stay outside most of the day. So it was easier to deal with the accidents.
  4. Be positive and encouraging: It is important to stay positive and encourage your toddler when they successfully wee or poo on the potty. Stickers did not really work for us; instead, the whole family would dance and jump when my daughter would say that she did “pipi”. She would understand that she was really doing something great so she was happy to go there next time. When they do accidents, try not to use negative words and just tell them that next time they must do it on the potty.
  5. Have fun: Kids love learning new things when they play or do something funny. At first, my daughter would just refuse to sit on a potty. So I decided to start this “listen” game with her. When I knew it was time for her to wee, we would go to the bathroom together, she would sit on the potty and I would ask her to stay quiet and listen. Then, I would make the water run in the bath. She would sit and listen to the running water and then as her wee would come she was amused that it was making the same noise as the water. So we would do this every time she would sit on the potty.
  6. Don’t use potty as a toy: At first as my daughter refused to sit on her potty, I would give her books or iPad hoping that she would stay sitting there. Now I know, it was not the right thing to do. She would just sit there and have good time without really understanding what the potty was for.
  7. Ask somebody to help you: I think it would have been very difficult to do potty training on my own, without my mum’s help. It takes lots of time and energy, so my mum was really a great support.
  8. Be patient and don’t give up: I think this is the most important part of the potty training process. When I started, the first days we had so many accidents (the first day 7 accidents!) that I was really tempted to give up and try later. But every day it was getting better and better, until the day when my daughter would go and sit on the potty without me reminding her. So when you take off nappies don’t put them back!

I hope you have found these tips useful. Don’t hesitate to post your questions and comments or share your own experience.


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