Peppa Pig’s first cinema experience

Last week we were so lucky to be invited to Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience screening event, at Picturehouse Central at London: Lots of different fun activities, photo session with Peppa and George and finally 1 hour of interactive fun with new Peppa Pig episodes.

It was Peppa’s first time at the cinema, as it was for my Elena who is 3 You can imagine how excited she was, not really knowing exactly what to expect but excited about seeing Peppa and George.

As soon as we arrived, we were immersed into Peppa’s world with lots of activities, Peppa Pig snacks and juices etc.

Photo session with Peppa and George:

Obviously, Peppa and George were the event hosts, available for a photo session. And of course it was the first thing Elena wanted to do. But as soon as it was our turn, she was so shy that she almost changed her mind. We still managed to capture this important moment of meeting Peppa and George


Film screening:

Before the screening started, we had a chance to meet surprise guests: Peppa Pig’s producers Phil Davies and Neville Astley!

Then the film started, and we discovered Peppa pig’s new friend Daisy: Between the episodes Daisy would play with Peppa and George, sing songs and make all the kids participate. I think it is really great that the producers have added this interactive part to the episodes: It was so cute to see the little ones sing and dance on the popular nursery rhymes and songs. And even mums and dads participated

We of course felt lucky to be the first to watch some brand new Peppa Pig episodes: London, the Police, Canal Boat, The Zoo, the Great Barrier Reef, Boomerang. And as in all Peppa Pig’s episodes, there are so many things the kids learn!

Fun continues…

After the screening, all the kids received Peppa pig’s goodies bag containing Peppa Pig’s different episodes DVD, some sweets and lots of different activities and stickers – great passtime for Elena.

Elena keeps telling me that she wants to see Peppa and George again. I am sure she will enjoy it even more as the first time at the cinema she was quite busy observing everything and everybody around her

Peppa Pig – My First Cinema Experience will be shown at cinemas from the 7th April, coinciding with Easter holidays. If your little ones love Peppa Pig or if you need an idea of where to take them for Easter, now you know where to go.

For more information about Peppa Pig – My First Cinema Experience, visit

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