Happy Mum, Happy Baby

How magic that moment is, when your baby is born! When you finally hold her in your arms with tears in your eyes. Time stops, and it’s just 3 of you: you, your baby and your husband. Then suddenly everything seems to accelerate, you get surrounded by your family, friends, all eyes turned to your little treasure lying in her little cot. Then different checks follow for you and your baby. You don’t really differentiate day and night as you don’t sleep, you need to feed the baby, and you simply don’t want to close your eyes as you just stare at her all night long.

The only question that worries you is how to give your baby the best possible care. You and everybody around you are so focused on her well-being that it is easy to forget that you also need so much care and attention.

I remember that the first days and weeks following the birth of my babies were physically and emotionally very exhausting. Then, in a few weeks, I started to have some kind of routine for feeds, naps and my body started to recover little by little.

Looking back now I know how important it is to take some time for yourself and really take it easy. Today I try to always have some “time outs” for myself, do some sports, meet friends, write for my blog. And the fact of being more active gives me more energy and strength.

If I were to give advice to first time mum, here is what I would say:

  • Ask for help: It is so important to get some help the first days after giving birth. It can be your partner, your mum or your friend. No matter who, but it is crucial that you get some help as you cannot do too much on your own.
  • Define your priorities. Don’t think you are a super woman. Everything cannot be perfect at home. Make sure your baby gets good care. All different things that you have to do at home can wait. One friend of mine told me: “If you get only ONE thing done at home when you have a baby, be happy and relax ».
  • Meet other mums: It is funny when you talk to other mum you find out that there are so many things your babies have in common: the baby who would scream as soon as you put her to sleep, the baby who would not take her bottle etc. As a first time mum, I had so many questions and it was really enriching to talk to other mum.
  • Take some time for you: Doing what you love to do will give you positive energy and make you happy.
  • Take some time for you and your partner: It may seem difficult the first month after the birth but later on try to have some evenings outs with your partner. Don’t neglect your couple.
  • Do sports: Thinking about doing sports may be low in your list of priorities but it will make you feel better, give you more energy and of course it will also help you to lose weight. I try to do some running twice a week and go for swimming on the weekends. Walking with your baby is also one of the best and pleasant ways to keep fit. Here are some good tips for keeping fit and healthy on the NHS website.
  • Have fun with your kids: Depending on the age of your kids, there are always so many things to do: going outside, organizing baby play dates, cooking etc. Having fun with my little ones is what gives me most of the energy.

In conclusion I would say that even if in your every day life with the kids your well-being may not seem the priority, it is very important that you dedicate some time just for you. Do something that makes you happy. Happy you, happy baby.


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