Happy 8 months birthday my baby love

My little angel,

You are 8 months today. There is so much going on in my heart that I desperately need to talk to you and I cannot help writing these words down. No words can really explain the way I love you and the way you make me happy, but this is the only way I think I can try and tell you my feelings.

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone. You can now sit on your own, you start to crawl and you already have 2 teeth. You have always been so quiet, such a happy baby, now you don’t hesitate to speak up when you are hungry or when something makes you happy or unhappy. You love learning new things, going to your Monkey Music class and swimming with Water Babies.

And your eyes, these big beautiful kind eyes. They are so special, with so much love, kindness and tenderness in them. I can sit the whole day and just keep looking into them.

I am crazy in love with you and I am ready to give you everything I have to make you happy. I am sorry if you think that sometimes I am not doing everything the way I should be doing. I am sorry if sometimes you feel a bit lonely when I am busy cooking dinner or looking after your sister. I am sorry if sometimes I don’t understand why you cry. Please, be sure, I try my best to make you happy day and night.

I feel so agitated this week. I am thinking going back to work soon and I have my first interview next week. I am so excited and I really want to get this job. Please don’t think I am giving up on you. Please, trust me that it is also so difficult for me not to have you with me all day long. I remember the day when I left your sister with the nanny for the first time, I was walking in the streets like an alien feeling so empty, so alone. But this is life: we used to be inseparable for 9 months, and when you were born you used to sleep just next to me, now you sleep in the same bedroom with your sister. And one day you will leave your room to go and live your life… But before this day comes we have so many great moments to live together.

My little angel, I know one day you will be reading these lines. I want you to know you that you make me the happiest person in the world. Happy birthday my love.

Love you,

Your mummy

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