10 things you are likely to find in a mum’s handbag

You know that feeling when you go out alone, for the first time, without your baby? It feels so unnatural and strange… I would say it is a normal thing, as you are with your baby 24 hours, you think baby, you talk baby, and everything you do is baby related…

The other day I had a business appointment. I dressed smart, put my new makeup and stepped into my hills . I was stressed as I was afraid to be late. I grabbed my handbag with my purse, the oyster card and everything I needed for my appointment without paying attention what else I had in my bag. Once I was outside, I had to run in order to catch my bus. When finally I was settled comfortably on the second floor of the bus feeling happy that I was in time, I opened my bag to grab my iPhone. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw the content of my bag. I had everything I needed in case I was hungry or thirsty, if I needed to brush my hair or have some fun before my appointment:

  1. Baby rice
  2. A box of raisins
  3. A bottle of water
  4. My toddler’s hair comb and hair accessories
  5. Hand spray or wipes
  6. Dummy
  7. Baby socks
  8. Baby hat
  9. Peppa Pig plasters
  10. Baby toy

After my appointment, I had a little walk, relaxed and hands free, without a pushchair. Then I touched my hair. My oh my! I was wearing my toddler’s Frozen hair bobble!

What are the things that you usually carry in your handbag intentionally or unintentionally?

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