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  • Le French Touch au Salon du Jouet à Nuremberg

    J’ai eu l’occasion de participer cette année au salon international du jouet qui s’est tenu à Nuremberg du 30 janvier au 3 février. C’est une véritable « Place to Be » pour les fabricants, créateurs ou distributeur du secteur du jouet : au total près d’un million de jouets exposés, 2 850 exposants issus de plus de 60 pays.
  • Sometimes I think I will go crazy

    Being a parent is also the most difficult and challenging job I ever had. You rarely have a break and you don’t shut down your computer at 6pm and go home to rest or go out with your friends. It is a non-stop, 24/7 job.
  • Peppa Pig’s first cinema experience

    Last week we were so lucky to be invited to Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience screening event, at Picturehouse Central at London: Lots of different fun activities, photo session with Peppa and George and finally 1 hour of interactive fun with new Peppa Pig episodes. It was Peppa’s first time at the cinema
  • Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake recipe

    A few weeks ago we celebrated my little Sofia’s first birthday. All mums know what it feels like when your baby turns 1. You cannot believe how quickly time has gone and you realise that your baby is not really a baby anymore. You want to make this day really special, for your baby, for you and for the whole family
  • 10 things you are likely to find in a mum’s handbag

    You know that feeling when you go out alone, for the first time, without your baby? It feels so unnatural and strange… I would say it is a normal thing, as you are with your baby 24 hours, you think baby, you talk baby, and everything you do is baby related…
  • Why Have I chosen Montessori For My Kids?

    “No, mummy! No, papa, Elena do it, no help…”, says my 3-year old toddler whenever we want to help her when she is doing something. Elena goes to the Montessori nursery. Building self-confidence and independence is one of the major fundamentals of Montessori education.
  • The First Time You Leave Your Kids

    We all have so many “first times” when we become parents: cuddling your baby for the first time, breastfeeding for the first time, your first sleepless night, your baby’s first smile…. Then, you just get used to it, and the things that you do for the first time, become your new way of life, your routine.
  • The Lady with the Pushchair

    It is Tuesday morning… She is walking quickly, pushing her red pushchair. She is dressed in a very simple way; you would hardly notice her. Her face does not tell you much, you cannot really tell the way she feels. She seems to be far away in her thoughts, but as if coming back to reality she stops from time to time in order to check her baby and then continues her way.
  • My aunt’s delicious and easy oats cookies recipe

    I love cooking for my kids, it is healthier and it is also a great activity for my toddler (Elena). She loves playing a role of a little cook! Cooking the cakes is what she prefers the most. All sorts of cakes: yogurt cake, chocolate cakes, cookies etc.
  • Buggi Lights Review & Giveaway

    A couple of weeks ago I shared a post about London Baby Show in Olympia. One of the brands I mentioned was Buggi Lights and when they contacted me to review their product, I was really glad to be able to test it and to organize a giveaway (see more information about the giveaway at the end of this post)
  • London Baby Show Overview + Competition

    Yesterday I attended the baby show in Olympia London. It is the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event that takes place every year. I remember when I was expecting my first baby it was not easy to decide which cot or pushchair to choose and we were not too sure about all the stuff we needed to buy. I think this kind of event is really helpful: different brands are gathered at the same place, you can touch and compare the products.

  • Happy 8 months birthday my baby love

    My little angel,

    You are 8 months today. There is so much going on in my heart that I desperately need to talk to you and I cannot help writing these words down. No words can really explain the way I love you and the way you make me happy, but this is the only way I think I can try and tell you my feelings.