It has been a while I have been thinking to start a blog and finally, here I am, writing my first lines.

Let me first of all introduce myself: my name is Tamar. I am Georgian, married to a French guy and living in London. I am also a lucky mum of 2 gorgeous girls, Elena (2 years and 6 months) and Sofia (8 months). 

Since my girls were born, the days and weeks have been just flying. Even if I do try and enjoy every single minute with them, I always have this feeling that it is never enough. Every day is unique, every day they surprise me with something new and every time I hold them I ask myself how can I stop time so that this happiness never ends?

I have decided to start this blog and try to capture these amazing moments so that I can remember and treasure them even more. I also thought it would be great to share my experience with other mums and dads. My blog posts will be around my life with kids in London, some nice children friendly recipes, travelling with kids, different tips and tricks etc.

I do hope you find my blog content interesting and feel free to send me your suggestions and ideas 🙂