5 Steps to Becoming a Happy Runner

HappyRunnerIn the first months of the motherhood, doing sports was definately not on my priorities list. But at some point, my body started to ask me for more attention, I felt the urge to go out. I walked for hours together with my baby. Then, I started to run little by little, first with the pushchair, when Elena was 4 months. And more I ran, the more I was enjoying it.

Today, I try to keep the rythm and run every weekend. It keeps me fit, it gives me energy.

With our busy lives, work and kids, it is not very easy to find time and energy for exercise. Here are some tips I wanted to share, things that keep me motivated.

  1. It helps you to lose weight. I lost my pregnancy weight really very quickly. And I know it was thanks to the excercise and also paying attention what I ate (without following any strict diet).
  2. It gives you lots of positive energy. Even when I feel tired, I try and run a little bit. I feel much better afterwards.
  3. A few minutes of exercise every other day is enough. I never put too much pressure on me. I exercise wherever I can. When I cannot go out for running, I exercise at home. I use 8fit Fittness application on my phone. These are 10-15 minutes exercises that you do whenever you want. You follow your programme, which is created according to your weight, and your goals.
  4. Monitoring of your progress. I use Nike + application to track my progress when I run. You can add your friends and compare your results. It is very important for me to know how I am progressing and the better I do the more I want to achieve.
  5. Goal setting. I participate in different racing events: Wings for life, La Parisienne … So many participants and so many people to encourage you ! When you finish the race you feel so proud that you did it !

What about you ? Do you manage and find some time for exercise?


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