Hello Paris!

488117_10151332287183867_299858203_nI have not been very active on my blog recently. Mainly because of the lack of time, but also because of the lack of inspiration. There are sometimes days when the words are just flowing out and then sometimes you just feel empty, you really have nothing to say. And then you doubt if you will ever go back to writing again.

There have been many changes in my life recently: We have left London and have moved back to Paris. Planning our new life, packing, unpacking, looking for a job and childcare solutions for our kids, settling in our flat…. It was quite intense and exhausting, I could not see the days fly.

Now everything has been sorted out and here I am now sitting in our Parisian flat and finally feeling settled and relaxed, ready and so happy to go back to my blog.

In this post, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my new life in Paris. New but so familiar at the same times. I loved my life in London, but I always felt my heart belonged to Paris. Once you have passed some time here, it will never leave your heart and you cannot help coming back.

We live in the 19th district of Paris, it is in the north of the capital and not too far from the centre. It is less touristic and hides so many nice places to visit. We live on the 13th floor and this is the view from our window. In the background you can see Sacré-Cœur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris) 🙂


Here are my top 3 places to visit in the 19th neighborhood:

    • The Buttes Chaumont park. It is 10 minutes walk from our place and we are its very frequent visitors. It is great place for jogging and it offers many facilities and activities for kids. It is also where many Parisians love going for a picnic or even a nap during sunny days.IMG_8042
  • The Place des Fêtes market 3 times a week: French cheese, French baguette and cakes, fruits and vegetables… it is a great place to feel the spirit of France. It is also where you can hear passionate conversations about the politics, about the upcoming elections.
  • The “Mouzaia” street and its villas: Paris hides many secrets and surprising places. The Mouzaia street is one of them. It is near the Buttes Chaumont and it is a little countryside in Paris, little paradise with small private houses. It is where you should come if you need to go away from the tourist craziness and noise. You will see, it is so different from the rest of the city and so refreshing.

    This is just a little piece of love I wanted to share from Paris. I will continue sharing my favourite places so stay tuned 🙂

    Have you already visited Paris? What places did you like and enjoy the most?


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