When will this stop?


This terrible terrorist attack happened in Manchester on the 22nd May!

Once again, so many innocent people died! Every time I go out I cannot help thinking about the victims: “They were like us, having good time, visiting friends, living their lives.” And suddenly this emptiness, erased lives, and what remains is this huge pain and sorrow for the mums and dads who have lost their kids or the children who have lost their parents.

There is really no place where I feel safe. I am scared for my kids, for my family.

When you are parent it is normal to feel worried: worried about the decisions we make for our kids, worried about the path they will choose once they will live home and start building their life on their own. But it is NOT normal to be worried about their lives every time they go out.

When will this stop? Will we always live with this feeling of fear?


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