Life before and after kids

13738061_10153898366093867_8959604940837833678_oThey often say that you only understand what it feels like to be a mother the day you also become one. When I look at my 2 daughters, sometimes I have goosebumps and I pinch myself to see if it is a dream or reality. Am I really a mum of 2? I could not imagine it would be such a Big thing to be a mum. You can see what it feels like, when you look into mum’s eyes looking at her child. The look full of crazy love and tenderness. Nothing can be compared with this feeling.

There is life before and after kids. The moment I held my little girls in my arms, my life changed forever. But at that moment I could not realise it yet.

Things that I do every day seem so normal, as if I was doing this my entire life but actually everything is so different now. I thought it would be interesting to look back and compare my life before and after kids. Here is my list:

  • I have this feeling to always run after time. Before I would just be busy doing things that I liked to do, without checking time. But now I always complain how short the day is and that I never have enough time to do everything I need to do. I decided to write down things I do during the day as at the end of the day I have this impression that I have not done a big deal.
  • I love having naps! I loved having a nap after my breakfast on the weekends and I was able to stay doing nothing, just recovering from the whole week of work. Now having a nap is a real luxury, and very ofter when the kids sleep I transform into a household robot, doing as much as I can at home.
  • I would have never imagined that one of my important life decisions, would be choosing the right pushchair for my kids. It is indeed an important decision as I pass majority of my time walking with the pushchair and it is amazing how many things we can do while doing this. Running with the pushchair, shopping with the pushchair, skyping with the pushchair… and so much more. So for me, it was important to have a pushchair which would be quite small (to fit in the cafes, restaurants and shops) as well as strong and cosy for the kids.
  • I cannot help singing baby songs before I go to sleep or while walking in the streets. Before I would maybe fall asleep while watching Games of Thrones or Walking Dead. Now, I go to bed shortly after my daughters fall asleep and the songs I sing to them just continue coming into my head as soon as I close my eyes.
  • When I used to do my morning jogging in the parks, I would never pay attention to the children’s playground in there. Now, this is the first thing I look for when I arrive in a new place or when on holidays. Playgrounds are my new places to be.
  • I don’t know if this is my baby brain, but if I don’t write down my shopping list or things I have to do, I just forget them. I can sometines enter a room and ask myself why I actually went there…
  • It is unbelievable how much strength and energy motherhood can give you. I was always surprised how a person could manage the whole day without a good night’s sleep. And since I am mum I know that one can have a normal face and still smile even with only 3 or 4 hours sleep the previous night. Actually I am sometimes surprised of myself, how much I can do, much more than what I used to do before I had kids.

I think you might have noticed that there are things that I miss from my “before kids” life Yes, I do and there has been definately a huge change in my life but the moments I live every day with my kids are so special and precious that nothing in the world can be compared with this happiness and I would never exchange this with my « before kids » life.

So if sometimes, I feel so busy with my everyday routine, running after my kids, changing nappies, putting them to sleep, dealing with tantrums and complaining how difficult and tiring it is to be a mum… I remind myself that I am actually living the most beautiful moments of my life.


2 réflexions sur “Life before and after kids

  1. So true Tamar 🙂 I’am
    reading the article and seeing myself in every sentence.Being a mom makes you much more stronger, when you do the things one could never imagine before. You can move the mountains when needed. You start to value things properly and the most important thing I would like to mention is, that you see your own mom differently, You appraise her over and over and I think that we won’t be able to pay back the love we have received from them.


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